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Developmental Education 

A Developmental Educator is a specialised allied health professional who focuses on providing comprehensive support to individuals with disabilities, spanning both children and adults. They are highly trained and skilled in helping people with diverse disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhance their overall quality of life.

Developmental Educators adopt a family-centered approach, recognizing the importance of involving and supporting the families, caregivers, and other individuals who play a role in the lives of those with disabilities. They work to promote the physical and emotional well-being of people with disabilities, striving to improve their overall quality of life.

Developmental Educators offer guidance and education in various areas, including daily living skills, effective communication, social skills, and recreational activities. Their goal is to empower individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and participate actively in their communities.

Our areas of Specalisation 

Exceptional Quality

School readniess 

Job readniess

Social Skills & Funcitonal communication 

Emontional  Regulation 

Funcitonal life skills

Your Journey with us 


Intitial Assessment and Consulation 


Goal Setting and Plan individualised 



Skill development and support 


Transtion and future planning 


Regular Progress Monitoring

What is the difference between a Developmental Educator and an Occupational Therapist ?

Developmental Educators offer disability-specific expertise rooted in human rights principles, enabling individuals to attain both practical and social objectives through a holistic approach based on evidence-based practices. Developmental Educators draw upon developmental, behavioral, learning, and social theories rather then an occupational framework. They do so with the aim of fostering skill development in individuals with disabilities within an inclusive environment, one where barriers to participation are systematically addressed and human rights are upheld.

Our Amazing Developmental Educators


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