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About us 

Empowered Community Health and Wellbeing is a dedicated allied health and Disability service located in Adelaide, South Australia. We are based Mawson Lakes SA 5095 and provide support across the northern, eastern and western suburbs of Adelaide.

Empowered Community Health and Wellbeing was established in early 2023 by Serena through her passions of empowering individuals to become themselves through exploration of a holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing.


Our main focus has been improving the quality of life of our participants through equipping them with the tools to participate in their everyday life activities with confidence. To be able to establish and maintain healthy and successful relationships in all domains. And to understand and exercise their freedom and right to autonomy.


Our compassionate and experienced team is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our participants and their families.

Our Mission

Empowered Health and Wellbeing strives to empower the lives of participants by creating excellent opportunities for them to learn, interact and gain skills for life and become part of their community. We are real people, with a true passion for empowering people living with disabilities to believe in themselves and support them to fulfill the life they choose.

Our Vision 

Improving the lives of individuals through Empowering participants to exercise their choice and control and have access to quality services across Australia.

Our Values

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We acknowledge and cherish the rich diversity within our participants and their families, recognising and valuing the unique experiences and qualities that each individual brings to our vibrant community.

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Upholding integrity is important to us, we are honest and dependable in our interactions, promoting open and transparent communication with our participants, their families, and the broader community.

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With our participants at the core of our operation, we treat every individual with equality, continuously striving to spark positive transformation in their lives.

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We empathise deeply with the unique challenges faced by individuals, we work to empower them to reach their full potential through self-belief.

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We dedicate ourselves to assisting our participants in overcoming hurdles, asserting their choices and control, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives on their terms.

Unleashing Potential: Fostering Growth and Authenticity at ECHW

At ECHW, our core principles of respect, integrity, inclusivity, unity, and collaboration serve as the foundation for our services. Our dedicated team members exemplify these values, and they are committed to guiding youth through the dynamic journey of adolescence with confidence. We believe in prioritising the voices of both individuals and the larger community. At ECHW, your input matters! We eagerly welcome your thoughts and desires to help shape our offerings to best serve you.

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