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Day Options 

Welcome to ECHW's Day Options , where our dynamic Day Programs offer a continually evolving menu of activities each month, designed with purpose and passion.​ As a participant, you'll be engaged in a variety of activities meticulously crafted to cultivate your abilities in an enjoyable and stimulating manner. Each activity is thoughtfully designed to enhance independence and augment personal capacity, providing a tailored experience that aligns with your unique growth journey.​


Our weekdays are organised around a key skill area, providing a consistent focus that fuels participant development. Over the course of a week, we delve into four fundamental areas: Empowering Learning, Empowering Health and Well-being, Empowering Socialisation, Empowering Community Participation. ​These broad areas are further divided into specific components that shift each month, offering a fresh focus and continuous opportunities for growth. These evolving components not only add variety but also enable a targeted approach of skill enhancement, thereby enriching daily activities and ensuring personalised growth for each participant.​ At ECHW, every day is a step towards building a stronger, more independent you. Join us, and discover the potential of purposeful engagement in our vibrant community.

Our Focus 


Empowering Learning 


Empowering Socialisation


Empowering Community Participantion 


Empowering Health and Well-being 

Why Choose us?

Choose ECHW for our Day Options if you're seeking a vibrant, supportive community that values individual growth, personal empowerment, and inclusive participation. Our dynamic Day Options are perfect for those looking for engaging, skill-enhancing activities within a supportive group setting.


With our rotating monthly roster, every individual enjoys a variety of experiences designed to foster independence, enhance communication, social, and life skills, and promote active community engagement. At ECHW, we don’t just offer activities, we offer opportunities - to learn, to grow, and to become an active, confident participant in a nurturing community.

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